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We are a truly unique and innovative business, not only in what we do but how we operate. We are interested in people who are intrigued by the community and experiment of

The UP! Factory.

We want people who know what our culture is and are interested in fully becoming a part of it. 

What makes

The UP! Factory

different from other work places? 

About us as a Workplace

- We are a fast-paced, Small Business! We are not your typical 9:00-5:00 work schedule. We are faced paced, 7 days a week, mornings, afternoons and nights. 

- At The UP! Factory, we are in constant communication with one another as a team. 

- We have a strong culture based on the science of coaching, individual development, and team support, with a deep focus on practicing new skills and developing each other both personally & professionally.  

- We are not a traditional hierarchy….we work in a “spider web” as one collective mind.

- Individually, you are asked to be your most authentic self. To be honest & real with us so we can work to find a synergy with how your outside life integrates with your work life.  

- This is not a perfectionist environment. TeamUp is 100% relationship based,  human-beings supporting business which means our staff maintains cultivating warmth and connection and a high level of self-knowledge and communication skills. 

- Working at The UP! Factory is never about “showing up just to do my job” it is as much about how you are doing things as what.

- Expect to be asked to learn a lot of new things, no matter how extensive your previous training is. 

-If you are looking to develop and promote your own brand or if you just want a place to show up and teach a fitness class or deliver a massage...we are most likely NOT the place for you. Expect to be IMMERSED! To come early and leave late, have a good conversations with your colleagues & clients and to learn & grow with them.  

What can we do for you?

Aside from a workplace unlike any other, we offer competitive pay rates as well as discounts for training & the opportunity to opt in to health care packages

The Hiring Process

Current Available Positions!

Desk & Client Relations

 Communication skills, client relations

Yoga Instructors

Looking for RYT200 Certified instructors in Baron Baptiste Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Inyengar/alignment based yoga, Classic, Yin, Restorative & Trauma Sensitive Instructors

Aerial Arts and Pole Instructors

Lyra, Silks, Yoga Hammock, Aerial Yoga, Pole Fitness

Dance Instructor

Looking to hire a dance teacher experienced in teacher adult open level classes in technical styles. We are seeking instructors with the ability to teach ballet (please specify which technique you teach), jazz (technical and street/funk), as well as contemporary (modern based a plus!) 

Massage Therapist

Specializing in Myofascial Release

Pilates/Barre Instructor

Pilates and Barre Instructors

Visiting Instructor?

Come Stop by and talk to us! We welcome visiting instructors interested in sharing something unique with us​!

 Collaborate with us

Interested in running a workshop or master class at The UP! Factory?

Words From our Staff!

"I think the big thing thats unique about The UP! Factory is that your job is tailored to you. Erika (the owner) doesn't want you in a position that you don't feel like you're thriving in or you don't have a passion for. She is big about speaking in a language that you can hear and understand so you feel valued in the workplace"

-Jeri, Instructor & Studio Manager

"The Freedom to flow and be original as a teacher is a blessing. The UP! Factory opened the door for me to shine my light through yoga without any judgements or restraints."

- JoHanna, Yoga Instructor

We Want to Meet You! 

First  Step,

Apply Here!

We are always looking to expand The UP! Factory Family. If you're an Instructor, Massage Therapist, or are looking to be a part of our Front Desk staff or interested in being an Ambassador for us, please fill out the form and send it to Jeri!
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We are located at 1143 1st Ave in vibrant Uptown (Downtown!) Columbus, GA

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