This is not "Goodbye"

Thank you, #UPFactoryFamily

Ok, FINALLY, some news!


Want the Good News first? :-)


Covid-era Classes and Massages WILL finally begin again next week!


The Bad News?

The UP! Factory is no more. We tried EVERYTHING, and almost made it through… We came close to surviving, and almost reopened a few weeks ago!!!, but as much as we ARE miracle-workers, we have NOT been able to squeeze much-needed money out of a stone, and have had no choice except to finally let go of everything we’ve worked on, and to fold. With a few deathly blows in the past few weeks, we finally came to the excruciating conclusion that The UP! Factory as we knew it has absolutely no way of surviving without significant help that has just NOT materialized. Our landlords have helped us as much as possible, but with evictions proceedings initiated, and the need to produce rent for two locations - with no income - on July 1, we are finally accepting “what is” as inevitable: accepting death, and dissolving as an entity. Unfortunately, there are so many amazing dreams, ways of life, businesses, jobs, and actual beautiful people who have not survived this devastating and world-changing pandemic...unfortunately, we must now count ourselves among them.


But as is often the case, death - while a tremendous loss, and an end to what is known - is also a transition into, and the birth of, something new. And that is what we are so relieved to share with you... in spite of not “making it” in our old form, we ARE thrilled that it also is a “coming of age” for our teachers, and the emergence of what we hope will be the next generation or “incarnation” of The former UP! Factory’s awesome teacher community. We are so proud of our staff, and how they have all grown over the years, and although we cannot survive as a business, we love and support our teachers, and we want them to carry on what we have created. We may not be able to keep going as The UP! Factory, but what we CAN do to help keep this amazing community alive (and “keep the dream alive” for our teachers), is to help them “grow wings” and “fly out of the nest” to be successful as independent instructors. 


So although The UP! Factory and its brick and mortar are gone, we, the former UP! Team, have been working our butts off, volunteering and self-organizing these past few weeks to get everything set up to help the teachers carry on with what The UP! Factory created. Because we care deeply about what you, our community, invested in The UP! Factory, we have done everything possible to set teachers up to welcome former UP! clients, with open arms right back into their wonderful classes and massages. They are trying to hold onto the one smaller classroom (the former UpZone) before they can expand back out, and to put as many as possible of our former popular classes back up for you to dive back into. They have agreed to generously honor the credits you might have, for a limited time. So instead of a death, and a loss, we hope this will prove to be a transition, and a WIN for you, former UP! clients, and for them, as emerging professionals. PLEASE, HELP THEM SUCCEED! Please support them by diving in right away, and bring your friends and loved ones to their new, independent classes!


One of our former teachers in particular, Cole Sanner, is stepping up with his own dream to run a full-fledged studio, and together, he and many of your beloved teachers who are able to come back to work, are teaming up to make it easy for you to jump right back in to all the things you love, under one roof. Under his new creation, Sol Studios, currently housed in the former UpZone is coming alive! They are down to one classroom space for the time being, so there will be many fewer offerings in each of our key areas of practice — for now. But they hope that within a few months of slow recovery, as we all ease back into movement, they can expand back out to a separate hot room, and possibly also a separate pole room. Again, please dive back in and support them in this exciting new adventure! As one thing ends, another begins...


Where’s My Stuff?

Did you have an investment that was left unused with The UP! Factory? 


Not to worry, these teachers (and massage therapists) will be doing their best to generously honor any credits you had remaining on your old UP! Factory account. MindBody (the App you have used and the system we have always used to track what you do with us) has also been dramatically affected during these past months, they’ve laid off over 700 people. There have been great difficulties in accessing any of your former accounts with The UP! Factory — but for a short time, the UP!’s former Operations Manager was able to re-access former client accounts, and she has kindly volunteered to act as a temporary “Community Transition Volunteer Helper” to assist in transitioning the rough value of your investment with The UP! Factory over to new teachers and massage therapists. We are not sure how long she will have access to this information, so we ask your help in quickly and efficiently setting up your credits with our old teachers in their new endeavors. (And please note, your ability to take advantage of these credits is 1. up to you to claim, 2. subject to availability, 3. For a limited time, and 4. partially dependent upon their ability to stay alive and keep providing you with their wonderful services!) Please go HERE (link) to fill out the quick and easy form to claim your gifted credit with the new team, and their volunteer Community Transition Helper will email you a voucher to use former UP! Factory credit that you’d like the newly-independent teachers to honor. 

Claim Your Credits Here:

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