Need a midweek “trip to the tropics” to escape a crazy-busy life? Ready to sweat out some toxins out of mind and body? Or just looking to balance your hardcore workout and release stiff muscles? Let our heaters and humidifiers WARM YOU UP!

Hot Yoga classes are just at our Midtown Location. Visit our main site for more about Hot Yoga!


We LOVE helping people step into yoga!

Our beginning classes introduce those who are new to basic foundations: finding your breath, connecting with your body, and beginning to move in concert with both.

Discover aligned and balanced flexibility and strength, the art of letting go in your body and mind, and calm in the face of challenge. Start your yoga journey in our wonderfully welcoming beginner classes.

See just Midtown Beginner Yoga classes below, or view our main site for both Uptown and Midtown Beginner Yoga Classes.


Inspired by the conditioning of ballet, these tiny, controlled, repetitive movements will turn your legs (and core and arms!) into jelly! A workout you will feel for days.

See just Midtown Barre classes below, or view ourmain site for both Uptown and Midtown Barre Classes.


At the UP! we love to dance like no one's watching! We are proud to offer dance classes that are uncommon in other places, that leave you feeling sweaty and empowered, and never like you have two left feet.

See just Midtown Dance classes below, or view our main site for both Uptown and Midtown Dance Classes.



Vinyasa yoga is a more athletic practice that can be wonderfully rhythmic, following “one breath - one movement,” and with practice, one can get lost in the flow, with a very calming effect on the mind.

See just Midtown Vinyasa Yoga classes below, and view our main site to see more classes and learn more about Vinyasa!


No matter what size, limitations, stiffness, or injuries are present, we believe every body can discover yoga’s poses, and no one pose looks the same on different bodies. Rather than trying to fit your body to yoga poses, allow yoga’s poses to fit to your body. We specialize in knowledgeable modification, spotting and nipping damaging habits in the bud, and providing safety in all our classes. We also specialize in those working with injury.

See just Midtown “safe (therapeutic) yoga” classes below, or view our main site to learn more about Therapeutic Yoga, and to see additional classes at our Uptown Location.


The Pilates method helps you learn to connect with and learn control of many more subtle sources of strength in your body. Increase your mindfulness and integrate your core into all whole body movements.

See just Midtown Pilates classes below, or view our main site for both Uptown and Midtown Pilates Classes.


Don't wait to look like a magazine model before you start to feel sexy in your own skin and good in your own body! We all know sexy comes as much from how you feel, as from how you look. Let our female-empowerment-focused workouts inspire you and help you rediscover your ability to move in powerfully feminine ways - no matter how fit you are.

See just Midtown Sexy classes below, or view our main site for both Uptown and Midtown Sexy Classes.


Aches & Pains?

mini-assessment: $25

  • Having trouble sticking to a goal?

    We believe fitness and lifestyle change is as much a mental thing as it is about your body. And just as we need instruction in working out well, we can also use support in thinking and eating in ways that support our wellness.

    We see Coaching as the “missing link” that so many of us need to achieve wellness in today’s overwhelmingly busy world. Healthy thinking is just as important to becoming fit as is healthy eating and healthy moving!

    Visit our Main Website to learn more, or to set up a coaching session.

  • We know more about our cars, our houses and our phones than we do about our own body ... but we get only one body for our whole life!

    Come to our BodyLab to get personalized attention you just can’t get from a regular doctor or physical therapist. Get answers to WHY your body hurts, and learn simple, easy-to-do things you can do on your own every day to alleviate pain, change posture, and feel better moving in your body.

    Visit our Main Website to learn more, and to schedule a Mini-Assessment or a full BodyTuneUP.

  • Sitting is the “new smoking,” and phones and computers put us even more at risk of stiff backs, weak cores, rounded shoulders, and forward head posture. Back pain, sciatica, and pain in major joints often result, and over time, can have a profound impact on our lives!

    Fortunately, there is MUCH YOU CAN DO to improve your posture, and to reduce chronic pain over time. We are passionate about the importance of balanced movement, and about empowering clients with practical, everyday tools to slowly change to feel better in their bodies.

    Visit our Main Website to learn more, and to schedule a Mini-Assessment or a full BodyTuneUP.

  • We specialize in assessing and providing progressive, therapeutic strengthening programs for deep core stability and strength. Excellent for activating and integrating core after surgery, a baby, or a career in the Army. Get your own tailored program for core strengthening, and begin to really learn and connect with your core in everyday movements.

    Learn more about our AbRehab program, or schedule a Mini-Assessment or a Full BodyTuneUP to begin your process of core reintegration.

  • If you don’t use it...you lose it! That’s what we say about Range of Motion...and loss of Range of Motion can have profound impacts on our ability to do the things that matter most to you over time. We specialize in developing “Mobility Self-Maintenance Plans” to help you avoid injury and reach your goals.

    Schedule a Mini-Assessment or a Full BodyTuneUP to have your mobility and likehood of injury assessed.

  • Sometimes just getting moving helps….and sometimes we need more support in lifestyle change. Our classes, personal training, and incredibly skilled wellness partners can help.

    Learn more.

  • Our Personal Training Services focus less on the traditional personal training - you can go to a regular gym for that! - and more on our specialized topics of expertise. Get individualized workout plans to help you begin exercise safely, lose weight, get active again after injury, prepare for an athletic competition or Ranger School, or prevent falls and injury during the most rewarding years of your life.

    Visit our Main Website to learn more, or to set up a Personal Training Session.

  • Private classes are great ways to try out our classes at a time that works for you, in a private setting, with complete focus on your interests and needs. Private classes are great for those with tight schedules, special needs that are not easily addressed in a larger group setting, or those who simply prefer private training. You can also schedule with a loved one or best friends or family members. We even do Group Classes for teams, units and corporations.

    Visit our Main Website to learn more, or to set up a Private Class session.



Tired of getting the same cookie cutter massage, and looking for real help with pain or deep tension from knowledgeable body experts? Try one of our massages.

Choose from a Therapeutic, Deep Relaxation, Deep Tissue or Prenatal Massage.

Our therapists use sports and deep tissue massage, active muscle release techniques, myofascial and trigger point work, as well as assisted stretching. They may also include education about self-maintenance techniques that you can take with you to amplify your positive results.


Rolfing® Structural Integration is a hands-on bodywork approach that utilizes advanced manual-therapy techniques to facilitate postural balance, relief from chronic tension and pain and increased mobility throughout the body.

The Up! Factory is proud to host Certified Rolfer™, Melissa Schneider. During select months of the year, Melissa comes to serve Up! Factory clients.

*Regularly priced at $169 per month

*Regularly priced at $199 per month