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Types of Massages



• All-Over, Full Body


• Sweeping,


• Light to Medium


• Calming, great for

    Stress Relief & to just get

     away from it all!


• Clinical & Medical

• Trigger Point
     & Myofascial Release

•  Assisted Stretching, Active

    Muscle Release (PNF)
• Therapeutic & Sports 


• Cupping


• Hot Stones

• Hot Towels

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More about our

Spa Relaxation Massages

More about our

Deep Tissue Massages


A Spa Massage is a Swedish-style, all-over, light to medium-pressure massage...a little bit of everything, just right! Leaves you limber, warmed, released and pampered. Can include aromatherapy (just ask!) and a little TLC in one or another of your favorite spots.

In our Specialized Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massages, our therapists may use special and medical techniques to target and release trouble areas. Pressure can be medium to heavy, and your massage may include cupping, trigger point release, cross-fiber movement, active muscle releases and other tools to help deeply release bound muscle and fiber. Usually Deep Tissue Massages focus primarily on trouble areas, instead of on the whole body.

Possible Add-ons for Spa Massages* 

Hot Stones $10

Cupping $10  

Prenatal $15 

Hot Towels FREE 
Aromatherapy FREE 

Possible Add-ons for Deep Tissue Massages*

Hot Stones $10 

Cupping $10  
Hot Towels FREE 

Aromatherapy FREE 


 * You must request Add-ons as you schedule, as certain services require a specific Therapist, a particular room, or special prep time. 

Please be sure to tell our Front Desk staff in advance, or put it in "Notes" if you book with The UP! Factory App! 

We want to ensure you have a wonderful experience with us. 
The more we know ahead of time, the better we can serve you! 

Although there are many fine therapists throughout our region, The UP! Factory carefully selects only therapists with specialized skills, deep knowledge of the body,  and a diverse range of release techniques in their tool box.  As many of our clients come to us with specific complaints and needs, we only  hire therapists who can partner with us and their clients to really hone in on and deeply release sources of pain and imbalances. Learn more. 

Our Therapists



First-Time Massage Clients


If you are New to us, be sure to take advantage of our First-Timer Massage rates!*


*Available as First Massage Purchase Only! 

Totally new to Massage Therapy? Here's what to expect!

Extended First Massages also available, learn more.

Pricing for Returning Clients

We have individual & smaller packs of Massages for those needing an occasional dosage of self care.

We also have highly discounted larger packs with convenient Monthly Payment Plans for clients who want to save big and make Massage Therapy a regular part of their self maintenance!


How to Book

Two options:

1. Call or Text our Front Desk

The best option if you are new!

Share your availability, discuss any special needs, add-ons, or preferences.

Let us match you and your schedule with the best services and Therapist!

We'll help you create an account, take your payment, and answer any questions about your first visit. Call (706) 405 -1525 


  • Payment is due upon scheduling, tip is optional and is encouraged upon check out if you valued your experience.

  • Be sure to familiarize yourself with our 24-hour Cancellation Policy for Massage Therapy, as well as our Late Policy, here! 

  • Looking for a walk-in or same-day Massage?  Our massages are typically booked a minimum of 24-hours in advance. 

  • As we are often helping other clients at our phone and desk during business hours, please give us a couple of hours to reply if we don't pick up immediately.

2. Book using The UP! Factory App

Great for experienced clients, or for after-hours booking. Three steps:

First, you must purchase your Massage or Massage pack from our Pricing Page.

Then, download The UP! Factory App, and sign in to your existing account.





Finally, click on the "Book A Massage" tab from the left-hand dropdown menu, and follow the prompts. Place any special requests in "Notes" section. Don't see available time with the therapist you want? Call or text us, there may be additional times available. 


Looking to book a Rolfing Session? 
Learn more about Rolfing


Different from traditional massage, Rolfing is bodywork focused release and rebalancing of your fascia.

Rolfers are highly trained and hard to find! We are proud to partner with gifted North Carolina Rolfer Melissa Schneider to offer this service, which you can learn more about on our Rolfing page or below in our FAQs. Mel takes appointments only 1 week per month. Please call and share your interest with us, we will have her reach out to you directly to schedule.

Our Massage Space

All of our Massages take place at our Main Location, the "ZenSpot," 1143 1st Avenue in Uptown (Downtown!) Columbus. This is the home of our Massage Therapy rooms, our yoga classes and our BodyLab services.  You can wait in our bustling Main Desk area. We encourage timing your massage just after one of our acclaimed hot yoga classes - wonderful for warming and preparing the body!  You also might enjoy a meal, drink or coffee before or after your massage - be sure to let us know if you need to use our shower before or after your massage, it is available upon request, along with towels, shampoo and soap, for a nominal fee.  


FAQs about Massage

I’ve never been for a Massage before. What should I expect or ask for?

We would be delighted to introduce you to Massage Therapy as a tool for pain relief, posture change, and stress management! We suggest starting with a Spa Relaxation Massage to experience the overall benefits of massage therapy. You can expect your therapist to begin by asking a few questions about your goals and needs, your daily and weekly movement habits, as well as your history of injury. Please share with your therapist what parts of your body you are most comfortable having exposed or massaged, as well as any areas that you would prefer to not be touched or exposed. Be as clear as you can about whether you like a lighter or heavier pressure, and whether you would prefer to talk through the massage (to give feedback, ask questions, or learn more about your body)…or if you would prefer to really “check out” and simply r-e-l-a-x! 

After your initial intake conversation, your therapist will then leave the room and you can disrobe (as much or as little as you wish) and make yourself comfortable, covered with the sheet provided, on the table. Your therapist will return and begin implementing your actual therapy. In a Spa Relaxation Massage, you may be positioned on your back as well as your belly; for a Deep Tissue Massage, you may also be propped in a side-lying position, or possibly even have some work done seated. During your massage, don’t be afraid to give feedback on pressure, desired areas of focus, and what feels best for you. 

Upon completion of your session, your therapist will again leave you, and you can take your time getting up, collect your things, get dressed, and transition to check out. Your therapist will rejoin you as you emerge from your Massage Therapy room, check in with your experience, and give you any final recommendations. You can check out at our Front Desk, where our staff will again ask you how your experience was, and check in as to whether you would like to leave a tip and schedule your next massage.


What do I wear or bring for a Massage? Will I be exposed?

Our therapists are prepared to help you with your goals in whatever way you are most comfortable. Depending on your level of comfort, you are free to wear as little or as much as you’d like. If you choose to wear clothing during your massage, please make sure it is a fabric or material that would not be ruined by massage creams or oils, and that would not greatly inhibit your Therapists’ ability to provide your requested techniques. Our Therapists are well-trained in maintaining your coverage whether or not you wear undergarments. Please keep in mind that if you have lower back pain, sciatica, or hip pain, it will be very helpful for your therapist to be able to apply pressure and possibly friction throughout the entire hip area, including your glutes. If you are comfortable with this, it can be accomplished with or without clothing, or with or without or blanketed coverage — please just let your Therapist know what works best for you. If you are comfortable having your glutes worked on without full blanketing, and would prefer friction as well as pressure, your Therapist will carefully uncover only what is needed to warm and release muscle and connective tissue as you wish. 

Can I just walk in for a massage?

We rarely accommodate Walk-In Appointments - please call, text or come in to schedule your massage at least 24-hours in advance (preferably 2-3 days ahead!). 


What if I have to cancel or reschedule my Massage?

As we hire only exceptional Therapists on an appointment-based system, we do not have multiple Therapists available for walk-ins or to allow shifts in schedules. We build our Therapists schedules carefully, and they come in just to work with you. We therefore require payment for appointments upon scheduling, and we have a 24-hour cancellation window once an appointment is scheduled. If you cancel within 6 hours before your scheduled appointment, or do not show for your scheduled appointment, there is a 100% charge; if you cancel between 24 and 6 hours before your scheduled appointment, there is a 50% charge and the other 50% is kept on your account as a credit toward future massage use. 

What if I am late for my Massage?
If you are delayed in arriving for your appointment, please call or text 706-405-1525 as soon as possible. Whatever time you are late, you unfortunately forfeit from your time on the table!  Keep in mind that there are often special events, races, parades and music events downtown on the weekend, so give yourself just a little extra time to not be stressed getting to us!

I scheduled (or started) a Spa Relaxation Massage, but I realize I’d really like to have focused, Deep Tissue work in an area of need. Can I switch?

No problem! Just give our Front Desk a call or text as soon as you know, and we will change the booking for you. We may ask you some questions about area of biggest need, and we may ask to reassign your therapist or possibly reschedule your actual appointment to match you with the best Therapist for your needs. 


If you already started a Spa Relaxation Massage with a Therapist and find part way through that you really prefer Deep Tissue work and specific, focused release in just a few areas, you can change the type of massage you are receiving - just speak with your Therapist about your wish to adjust your massage; please be aware there is an additional $15 charge for specialized Deep Tissue work, which you can confirm with your therapist mid-session, if needed.  Your therapist will inform the desk to simply add the Deep Tissue Ad-on as you check out. 

I would like to take advantage of the First Time Massage Special, but was hoping for 90 instead of 60 minutes.

No problem! Just book via phone and let them know you would like a 90-minute instead of 60-minute First Time Spa or Deep Tissue Massage. When you check out, they will charge you the appropriate First-Time Massage rate ($50 or $65, depending upon the type you received), with an added $30 for the extra 30 minutes.

How much of a tip should I leave for my Therapist? 

Tips are not required but highly encouraged and much appreciated by our hard-working therapists. As with most of the service industry, a 15-20% tip is customary if you are happy with the treatment you have received. 


What’s the skill level of your Massage Therapists?

Only the best! All of our Massage Therapists are fully licensed in the state of Georgia, and they all have additional trainings and certifications to do much more than just basic Swedish Massage. Although we have tested out and sampled many highly-experienced therapists with years of experience, we only handpick therapists who our in-house Body Experts feel can, when given direction, specifically explore and directly address the SOURCES of pain, for long-term relief. We only hire and develop therapists who not only can master traditional Relaxation massages, but who also can actively engage with our Body Experts to identify and release muscles, fascia, and layers of tension in partnership with our highly trained and discerning experts.

Is there a weight limit for your Massage tables, and are Therapists used to working with bigger bodies?

Yes! Our tables are designed to comfortably support 400 pounds, and one of our two massage tables has side extensions to provide support for all body sizes. Please just let us know you would prefer our wider table when you book. Our therapists are well-trained to work with all layers and depths of fascia and muscle, on all body types, so don’t be afraid to give them a try, no matter what your shape or size!

What are the different types of Massage you offer?

We offer Spa Relaxation Massages/Swedish Massages, and we are also known for our team of carefully-selected body experts who specialize in Deep Tissue Massage for specific problems or areas of imbalance.  Our therapists can also provide Prenatal Massage for the 2nd and 3rd trimester, learn more.  We also have a Rolfer who comes about once a month, learn more here.

What is a Spa Relaxation Massage?

A Relaxation or Spa Massage is a full-body Massage designed to take you away from the everyday, and to support you in alleviating tension in both body and mind. It can focus on the entire body (a Swedish approach). There can be focus on areas of special need (hands, neck, feet, back and shoulders), but they are lighter or medium pressure, with more focus on providing deep relaxation, calm, and stress release in both mind and body.  See more here.

What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

Our Deep Tissue Massages blend the best approaches from Deep Tissue work, Medical Massage Therapy techniques, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Assisted Stretching, Active Muscle Release Techniques, or Trigger Point Release, depending upon your therapist and needs. The focus is on releasing imbalanced holding patterns and alleviating pain and hypertonicity in muscles and fascia, as well as balancing movement and improving range of motion and posture. Learn more here.

What is Rolfing?

Rolfing (“Structural Integration”) is a hands-on bodywork approach that is a little different from Massage Therapy; it is focused on your Fascia, or “infrastructure” that holds everything in your body...rather than moving the MUSCLES around and warming, stretching them, Rolfing focuses more on the underlying causes of pain, the imbalanced infrastructure of fascia, and it focuses on long-term postural change, releasing decades of built-in holding and imbalance. It is less of a quick-fix approach to pain, more long-term, and can result in tremendous postural shifts in your body that help it get back to it’s effortless upright, free-moving self. Learn more here.


What is a Prenatal Massage like?  At what point in my pregnancy can I have one? What if I'm a high-risk pregnancy?

Prenatal massages are side-lying, with general use of propping to help keep you and baby comfortable. Prenatal massages can be scheduled for just 60 minutes, but we do recommend 75-90 minutes to get the most out of it, and to allow time for propping. Our Therapists can help with common lower back and hip pain, and may show you gentle stretches you can do on your own to help maintain the relief they can provide you, after you leave. Our Therapists typically see expectant Moms in their 2nd and 3rd trimester, and are open to seeing high-risk clients on a case-by-case basis, just reach out to our front desk so we can discuss your specific needs and pregnancy.  If you book over the phone, please always be certain to inform the desk at the beginning of the scheduling process that you are pregnant; if you book on our App, please select Prenatal options. Please note Prenatal Massage is a "Specialty Massage" like Deep Tissue, and is always charged at the same rate. as Deep Tissue Massage. You CAN use the First Time Massage deal for your first Prenatal Massage, we simply add a "Prenatal" Add-on up charge at check out. Please call with further questions, we look forward to working with you!


How do I gift a Massage to someone? 

For digital gifting, please visit our Online Gift Shop! Here you can design an e-card using our images (or your own), and schedule the  date and time for their gift to be delivered by email. If you know which type of massage they would like, you can select a regularly-priced massage (or a discounted massage if you are lucky enough to nab one of our Seasonal Flash Sales!) as the gifted item. If you aren't sure which massage type your lucky recipient might prefer, you can simply select a dollar amount instead of an item, and let them select from our offerings when they are ready to redeem their Gift Certificate. Please note that the First Time Massage Special is not available as an item in our Gift Shop, but your recipient can purchase it for themselves if you gift them a dollar amount (and if they have never received a massage from us before!).

If you are local and prefer one of our paper Gift Certificates, come on in and we can hand you a pre-printed Certificate that you or we can fill out as you wish. Again, you can select specific items, or a specific dollar amount.

I received a Gift Certificate and would like to use it for a Massage.

Congrats! You can go ahead and book your massage and use the Gift Certificate Number on it as your payment option as you schedule. If you were gifted an actual massage item (instead of a dollar amount), and our current pricing is at all different from the dollar amount on your certificate (for example, if your generous benefactor purchased a discounted sale price massage and they are not available on our regular pricing menu now), you MAY need to call the Front Desk to ask for help getting it redeemed - there is just one extra step we have to do on our end before you can apply your gift to your actual purchase.

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