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We offer sooo many discounts, announce special events & workshops, announce weather cancellations, and more through our App and Social Media.

But many of our Community Members say they wish they had heard about these things sooner. To never miss out, follow these four quick steps:

1. Keep in touch with us by text!
We usually reach out to and follow up with new clients individually - please know we are not an autobot, we're a real Desk Staff member, and we are there to answer your questions and serve you. Let us know if you're running late, have a question, need help finding savings, or have positive or negative feedback. (There is also a comment box in our front lobby!)

2. Turn Notifications ON in Your Account With Us!

Go to find "Log In" on the footer. Sign in and click on "Account Info" to the right, Scroll to the the bottom of the page and set your "Communication Preferences" in the following way: TURN ON both text and email notifications.


3. Tell Facebook you want to see our stuff!

Find @theupfactory on Facebook, and follow us...then select "See First." Otherwise it is very unlikely that you will see anything from us, ever.  Once you've set this preference, just keep an eye out for special events, class updates & deals!


4. Follow us on Instagram @theupfactory - watch for posts and stories!

You MUST take these quick steps to be informed!


NOTE: Like us, you may be SICK OF INFORMATION & MARKETING OVERLOAD! Please know we don't send our tons of random stuff - we do specific notifications of seasonal sales, weather cancellations, big schedule changes, and other notifications that most clients are super grateful to know about.


About Our Space! 

Where are you located?

1143 1st Avenue, Columbus, Georgia! We are in the heart of the Restaurant, Theater and College districts of vibrant Uptown Columbus (often referred to as “Downtown” by non-locals!). Just a couple of blocks from the Chattahoochee Riverwalk and Whitewater Express, we have multiple classrooms, Massage Therapy rooms, and offices clustered within a couple of blocks, please come to our Main Desk first and our friendly staff can help you find exactly where to go. If you are running late, need directions, or would like us to be as prepared as possible to help you with your needs, just call or text before coming! 706-405-1525

What are your hours?

Our Front Desk and Main Location opens at 9:00 AM Monday-Saturday, and at 11:00 AM on Sundays. Our desk closes at 9:00 PM Mondays-Thursday, and earlier (7:00 PM) Fridays and Sundays. Saturday afternoons we usually close our desk at 3:00 PM but sometimes are still around for private events. 


Note: We do have 5:45 AM classes some weekday mornings, and private events during hours outside of these public hours, but our desk is not regularly staffed at those times, so please plan to take care of any purchases or business during our regular desk hours.

Can I just walk in for a class or a massage?

We highly recommend that you register for your desired class no less than 1 hour before it begins. We have a 1-hour Registration & Cancellation Policy 

 You can take the risk and just show up for NON-AERIAL classes—however, we cannot guarantee that there will be a class, or that there will be a spot for you. 

If you are running late, you MUST call or text us! We cannot guarantee your spot in the class, but calling or texting may help us save it for you.

We rarely accommodate Walk-In Appointments - please call, text or come in to schedule your massage at least 24-hours in advance (preferably 2-3 days ahead!). 

Can I drop by and check out the space or get a tour?

Yes, by all means please do! We are definitely open for walk-in tours, but if you’re planning to stop by during non-class hours, we greatly appreciate a call or text so we can make sure we manage our work flow to make ourselves available to you, and also to make sure we have not stepped out briefly to run errands. If you would like to see the space for a party, please schedule a party consultation with one of our party planners, as they can best answer your questions about tailoring our offerings to your group.

Do you have food and drinks available on site?

We do have water bottles and drinks for sale, and are smack dab in the middle of wonderful food options downtown. (Keep in mind that many restaurants stop serving at 9 pm on weekdays and may be closed on Sunday or Monday evenings.)

Do you have lockers or changing rooms?

No, we do not have lockers, but we do have cubbies inside the classrooms  where you can store items. There are two single use bathrooms at the ZenSpot, and one at the UPZone, suitable for changing before or after class. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Please lock all valuables in your car!

Do you have a shower?

Yes, we have one shower available for client use, at the ZenSpot. Shower rentals are $4, and you are provided with a towel, soap, shampoo, as well as a hairdryer and some complimentary personal items. 

Are you handicap accessible?

Yes! We are, please notify us of any special needs so that we can make your experience with us comfortable. 

What is “The ZenSpot?”

It’s our main location, and the first place you should go! Home to our Front Desk, The BodyLab, Massage Therapy services, and most Yoga classes, the ZenSpot is where you can get all your questions answered and business needs taken care of. We have an additional Aerial & Fitness classroom at a second location, non available on GPS (“The UpZone”) but all new clients should come to our Main Location to check in the first time, we can direct you from there how to find your class or service!

What is “The UPZone?”

The UPZone is our Aerial & Fitness Classroom, (not available on GPS) one block away from our Main Location.  Just come to our main location and we can point you in the right direction to your UPZone class.  In the rare occasion you might need to find the UpZone when our Main Desk is not open (for example for a special event or party), see here. 

Do you have a lost and found?

Yes, if you are missing a particular item please ask the front desk if it has been turned in. You will need to describe what the item looks like, what day you lost it, and what class you were taking or service you were receiving. 


Purchases, Discounts & Gift Certificates

How much is a class? 

Go here! 

New people, don’t miss the chance to take advantage of our awesome First Timer Specials, only available at your first purchase! Go here!

Do you have any free classes?

Occasionally we give away Free Class Passes at select partners locations, special events or to private groups, but we do NOT give them out on request. If you’re new, don’t miss the chance to try our First Timer Specials - we have great deals for both long-term residents and out-of-town visitors. 

If you are lucky enough to have received one of our Free Class Passes, you can register for a class online or through our UP! Factory App, and check yourself out for the class with the “I have a Free Class Pass” payment option…but be sure to bring it! If you arrive without your pass, you will be required to pay for your class in full.

I am visiting town, what Specials do you have for me?

We have discounted First Timer pricing on massages, as well as a half-priced class. Go here!

Do you have any Military or Student Discounts?

Of course! 

We give a 10% discount to the following groups:

  • Active Duty Military

  • First Responders

  • Teachers

  • Students

  • Theater Staff 

  • Downtown Workers

IDs are required for most discounts, learn more here!

Do you have any Discounts or Specials right now?

Yep! See our current First Timer Specials here.


Our current seasonal specials can be found here. We usually run seasonal passes and discount specials at the shift of each season/quarter, as well as for many National/seasonal Holidays and during school breaks. W are also well known for two BIG BIANNUAL SALES on Black Friday and July 4th. 


We also have a 15% buddy discount - learn more here.


NOTE: Despite our best efforts to post and share our sales, many of our clients really regret not knowing about our biggest sales until after the fact! To increase your chances of being notified, you can take the following steps:

  1. Opt in to Promotional Emails when you create your account with us. (Don’t worry we don’t send many of these at all! Just a few a year, usually for our crazy cheap biannual massage and class sales. You can opt out an any time if you are no longer using our services.)

  2. Turn text notifications “On” in your downloaded UP! Factory App

  3. Like our FB page and select “Follow First”

  4. Engage with our Instagram page enough that you start to see our Stories

I heard something about a "golden ticket" What is it? 

Our golden ticket is a $20 credit for anyone purchasing a membership or a 20+ Class Pack! It can also be on your account for a future purchase! The Golden Ticket is ONLY available if you are making your purchase BEFORE the last day of your 3 week First Timer Special. 

Can I use the Golden Ticket for discounted items? 

Yes! The Golden ticket is the only promo that you can use with already discounted items! 


Can I give or transfer my friend one - or more - of my classes or massages? 

Transfers of many of our regularly-priced items purchased on or after Jan 15, 2020 CAN be done, but they are a little challenging to do within our system, require special forms and processes, and take staff time and resources. As a result, there is a Transfer Fee of $25 for classes or massages that are fully paid for, and a $50 fee for those that may not already be paid in full. Please check in the Terms and Conditions of your receipt (which would have been sent to the email you have on record). Most sale items and any purchases made before January 15, 2020 CANNOT be transferred. 


Here are more details about transferring items:

Transfer a Single Class: Transfers of single classes are possible, but as they require a $25 transfer fee, usually only larger batches of classes are transferred! The easiest and cheapest way to treat a friend to a single class is to purchase one for them. (See next FAQ!)

Transfer Classes or Massages that have already been paid for: If you have a pack of classes (or massages) that are already fully paid for, you can transfer your classes to a friend. You will need to come in to our Front Desk to fill out a Transfer Form and have it signed by a Desk Staff Member. You will also need to pay a $25 transfer fee at time of request.

Transfer Classes or Massages that are NOT fully paid for yet: This IS an option - you will need to find someone who can take over your remaining payments, and they will need to create an account and sign the Transfer Form, which you will need to come in and complete and get signed by a Desk Staff Member. There is a $50 transfer fee, and we require a 31-day notice to make sure we can get it set up and processed in time. (As such, there is a final monthly payment that must be processed before whatever remaining sessions you have can be transferred.)

How do I purchase a class or massage for someone else?

It depends - have they been to us before? 

To purchase a class for a friend who may already have an account with us, you can:

  1. Come to our Front Desk or call in over the phone to simply buy something for someone else. You will be asked to create an account for yourself if you don’t already have one. 

To purchase a class for a friend who is completely new to us, you can:

  1. If you have permission to do so, we can help you create their account and then purchase something to be put on it, but keep in mind you will need to know their email, phone number, mailing address, and how they heard about us to do so. 

  2. Go to our Gift Shop and gift a class, massage, or package to your friend using our digital gift certificates. when they are ready to sign up for their service, they themselves can create an account and redeem your gift. 

What payments do you accept? 

We prefer and gladly accept cash and checks - especially for larger purchases. We also accept all credit cards except American Express, and require them for memberships or recurring payments. 

Can I get a Gift Certificate for someone?

Absolutely! You can get a paper gift certificate from our Front Desk, or design and send a digital certificate through our online Gift Shop. Most of our popular items and packages are available there, or you can just give someone a general credit to use at their discretion. You can design an e-card using our images, or your own, and have the gift delivered via email at the date and time of your choosing.

I received a Gift Certificate. How do I use it to pay for something?

If the certificate is for an item that IS currently available, you can simply book the class or massage (one our website, on The UP! Factory App, or over the phone), and simply use the gift certificate number to check your self out for that item. For example, if you are redeeming a regularly-priced class or massage, you can simply pick the class or book the massage you want, and then check yourself out using the gift certificate number as your payment. 


If your certificate is for a specific item that IS NOT currently available (such as a Black Friday specially-priced item), you may need to check with us (just call!) to help you redeem your certificate and have the correct, no-longer-actively-available items placed on your account. You can then apply them by booking a class or massage, for example.


If you have a gift certificate that is simply a generic amount, you can select and book the items you want on our website or through our App, and then just use the gift certificate number to apply the amount toward your payment. 


If you’re having any issue or anything does not work as described, please just call, we’re more than happy to help you.

Booking & Cancellation Policies


Full Class Registration & Cancellation Policy:

  1. You can register for any class up to two weeks before its scheduled time and date. 

  2. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND signing up and saving your spot in class as soon as you know you might like to attend it.

  3. We require that you save your spot no less than ONE HOUR before the class starts. 

  4. If you have a spot saved and cannot make it, cancel yourself out at least one hour before the class starts, and your class credit is there for you to use next chance you get. If you cancel yourself out less than 1 hour before the class (or just do not show up,) you will lose your class credit (or agree to pay our Late Cancellation Fee if you are on any kind of Unlimited Pass.)

  5. If you are running late, you must call or text us to let us know! 706-405-1525. 

  6. If you have not registered within one hour of class, we cannot guarantee that

          1) There will be a class 

          2) There will be a spot for you. 


• Classes with fewer than three people signed up within one hour of class time will be cancelled. If you signed up for a class for which not enough people are signed up, you will be called within no less than 30 minutes before class. 


• If you are not sure if you will be able to make a class but are thinking of coming, either:

         1) Sign up for it anyways and just cancel within one hour before the class, or 

         2) call before or as you come to make sure there is a class and there is room for you.

Full Massage Registration & Cancellation Policy: 
Please Click Here

Massage FAQs

Please Click Here


Yoga + Hot Yoga Classes

FAQs Coming Soon!

Aerial Arts Classes

FAQs Coming Soon!

Pole + Sexy Classes

FAQs Coming Soon!


FAQs Coming Soon!

Feedback, Comments & Concerns

FAQs Coming Soon!

Kids & Pets

Do you have childcare?

Unfortunately our current space does not allow room for childcare.

Can my baby come to class with me?

Non-mobile babies are always welcome to accompany you to most classes, we just ask that you let us know (so we can let the instructor know) ahead of time. Once your babe is mobile, they are usually too active to attend class with you. We are a breastfeeding-friendly environment. Nursing moms and fathers providing skin time should feel comfortable doing so as needed.

Can my child also come to class with me?

Your child 7 years of age and up can also attend class, providing certain conditions are met:

1.    The parent or legal guardian is present, has filled out a Minor Liability Release Form, and has preregistered the child for class.

2.    The class is safe*, and the child can fully participate in class without being disruptive or needing extra assistance. 

        *Due to the physical demand and size requirements of the Pole and Lyra apparatuses, children must be 11 to attend.
         Same for Hot Yoga classes.

3.    The child is not taking the spot of another paying client.

         Any child younger than 18 will need to have their own account and purchases (yes you can buy for them, but it must be their
        name scheduled in classes), and they also must have a Minor Liability Waiver signed by you before they can participate in
        classes. (link) It is a benefit of Membership that kids can accompany you without cost if there is room in the class!

Do you have Kid’s classes?

It depends on teacher availability - call, text or skim our schedule (look for “Youth” in the title) to find out if we have any right now. Kids 7 and up can attend any Youth Classes we have. Unlike with any of our adult classes, parents can remain and observe Youth Classes. If they are not present in the room itself, parents must remain near the premises for the duration of the class. When you reserve a spot for your child in a Youth Class, please be certain to use their account and reserve their spot in their name (not your name).

How do I go about setting up my child to take classes at The UP Factory!?

You must always either call our desk to have them set things up for you, or, go to this site:

Note: our UP! Factory App and our Website will not let you create an account for your child or sign them into a class – you always must call or use this special website!

 If you wish to use this online process, here are the steps:

 First, you must create an account for your child in our registration system, MindBody Online. To do this, access the above website and:

1.    Go to, and log in using your own username and password

2.    Under the tab “My Info,” there is a box labeled “Family Members.” Click “Add Family Member.”

3.    Fill in the appropriate fields for your child, making sure to click “Paid for by…(your name).”

4.    Save the new account.

 5.    If you are a Member, then call 706-405-1525 and ask to have 5 “Member-Only Kid Class” passes applied to YOUR CHILD’s account.  (These passes can only be used when YOU are attending class as a paying member, with your child. If you apply this pass to your Child’s class without attending with them, you will be retroactively charged a full price class for your child.)

To then save a spot for your child in a class using MindBody Online, you need to:

1.    Proceed to Class Schedule (see tabs on top of page)

2.    Click “Sign Up Now” for the class you would like to book

3.    Click “Make Single Reservation – (Your Child’s Name)”

4.    When it then asks you to pay, a Member Comp should automatically apply; if you are not a Member or do not have comps on your account, you will be required to purchase a class for your child.

Can my child take one of your regular (non-Youth) classes on their own?

Yes absolutely! With your permission, your child can attend any class on their own if they are aged 13 and up. We ask for parents to remain close nearby the premises for students younger than 13. If your child is attending an adult class, we ask parents to share any special needs or injuries they may have with each instructor before each class, and that they also respect our “no observers” (link) policy. (If you would prefer to remain present and oversee their learning without taking the class along with them, yourself, then consider scheduling a private or semiprivate class, where you can be involved as you might like in their learning. 


Any child younger than 18 will need to have their own account and purchases (yes you can buy for them, but  please be certain to use their account and reserve their spot in their name (not your name). They also must have a Minor Liability Waiver signed by you before they can participate in classes. Download waiver here

Can I watch my kid while they take a class?

Only if it’s a Youth Class!

Is there a place where my kid can wait while I take a class?

 We only have a small waiting area that opens on to 1st Ave, is busy with many comings and goings, and during busy times can be limited on seating. Although they are allowed to participate in a class with you, they are not allowed to sit and observe (Viewing Policy) any of our regular adult classes. As such, we do not have a space suitable for a child to safely sit and wait for you on our premises. 

What do I need to fill out for my child before they attend a class or party?

Any child under the age of 18 must have our Minor Liability Waiver signed by their parent or guardian. Download it here.

Why can’t I just give my kid one of my classes?

See our Transfer Policy here

Can I bring my pet with me to The UP! Factory?

We welcome Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals in our classes, and in our community! More information here.

I have a fear of dogs - is your business safe for me?

If you have an animal phobia - or any other specific fears or concerns - we highly encourage you to notify us. We can pay attention to the rare instances when someone with an emotional support animal may be scheduled for the same class as you, and will work to make you as comfortable as we can!

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