Covid-19 UPDATES!



May 15th

Re-Opening Update

To our Incredible Members, 


Like you, we have eagerly been anticipating getting back to normal, and had hoped a month ago with your last update, that we could be opening this weekend! 

In our original aim to open May 16th, we were expecting that we would have been past the two week peak in our area... however, the early opening of our state has changed the projections and we have yet to see a peak in the data, therefore, we do not feel comfortable opening at this time. This decision is very painful for us to make and is an additional hardship for our business, but we must prioritize the well being and safety of our employees and members above all else! We believe we should wait 2-4 weeks more until data improves. This will also give us the extra time to meet the  CDC guidelines that came out yesterday,  including sourcing more PPE, improving ventilation in our classrooms to insure minimal exposure, and arrange our small space to ensure safe comings and goings of classroom attendees.

We understand that this extension will require more adjustments to accounts ad memberships, but we will clarify and make those additional and necessary changes after we can actually confirm an opening date. 

At this time, should you have any questions or need to get ahold of our Staff,  please email us at  

We still have limited staff members working, so please give us time to respond to everyone.

We hope you are all well and safe, and hope to be able to see you again soon. 



April 16th 


QUICK UPDATES HERE! Skim by topic if you don’t have much time!

(Be sure to read FULL UPDATE below for answers to detailed questions!)

  • DISASTER RELIEF. We have applied for Disaster Relief, and although we don’t know if we have it or not, we are hopeful and taking careful steps toward reopening!

  • REOPENING SCHEDULE. We see this Interrupted time and Reopening in four “Phases:” These are dependent upon Disaster Relief & help from our landlords, but we are hopeful!

  1. "Emergency Closure Time" (March 16-April 15)
    No staff at all - all facilities & communications shuttered. 

  2. "Administrative Reopening" (April 16-May 15)
    Starting today, we are bringing one staff person back on, working from home to make immediate account adjustments, with call-backs beginning Monday April 20th. We can finally begin getting back to all questions and requests for changes in your accounts! If you’ve submitted a question, please first read details below in our Full Update, below, and give us through the end of next week to begin to get back to you. There is no need to submit a question again, we will respond to all inquiries in the order they were received. We will be communicating primarily via

  3. "Members-Only Reopening" (May 16th)
    Depending on State and Federal guidance, we hope to reopen our doors for actual Classes and Massage Therapy, with limited, semi-private classes between May and June 15th. Initial reopening will be for longer-term community members (those already holding Class Packs and Memberships), and will follow social distancing guidelines, to be shared later. 

  4. "Grand Reopening to All Public" (Date TBD - hopefully early June)
    We will reopen registrations for Classes and Massage Therapy to newer folks, and reactivate First Timers passes that were active before our Emergency Closure Time. Again, we will follow strict social distancing guidelines, to be posted closer to Reopening date.

  • ACCOUNT EXTENSIONS. All prior Class or Massage Therapy credits issued before our Emergency Closure Time, as well as any credits that were paid for during our Emergency Closure Time, will be extended from when we reopen our doors, so you will not lose any time to use anything that was paid for. Read more here.

  • MEMBERSHIP PAYMENTS PAUSED, WILL NOT RESUME UNTIL JULY/AUGUST. As of today, April 16th, we have finally been able to put on hold all VIP, JoinUP! and FreeUP! Massage and Class Memberships payments, so no new payments will be processed on these Memberships until we have reopened and until the full time that we have been closed has been recouped by you. So no new payments will be due until July/August or later, depending upon your contract’s exact payment dates. Details Monthly payment plans and about how and when to submit cancelations and pauses are written up here, please read them before you submit new questions, as you will be redirected here to read all this information, anyways!

  • GETTING HELP WITH YOUR QUESTIONS from our Desk. Please read below for answers to many of your questions, Beginning Monday April 20th, our Front Desk representative will be working from home and returning messages, so if you have already submitted a question and it's not answered below, give us some time to get back to you. and if you have new questions that have not already been submitted or answered, you can email  When we reopen in May, our Front Desk will be open by appointment only until we are through coronavirus interruption. 

  • Our UP! Factory APP IS DEACTIVATED, but you can use the generic MindBody App or our website to manage your account. We are sad to say, to save precious funds, we have cancelled our private (but expensive!) UP! Factory App, so once we reopen for services, you will need to use either our website schedules or download MindBody’s generic IOS or Android app to view options and reserve your services. You can view your Account Details any time by going to the footer of any page on our website and finding "Log In" on lower right corner under "For Clients."




Dear UP! Factory Community,


We truly hope this finds you and your loved ones safe, and adjusting to this strange time of uncertainty as best as possible. We also hope that you might have visited our website to read our ongoing updates, and to enjoy some of the home-based classes that our instructors have generously volunteered to film from home and post. It’s not the same as seeing all your beautiful faces in our lovely space, but we hope it helps you stay moving, positive, and connected. We miss you all and can’t wait to be back in motion with you again, emerging from this time of separation with even more commitment to health & wellness, “joy in movement,” and COMMUNITY.


How are you all???  For us as a small business, it’s been a ride! Our initial shock and despair at losing all our staff, support and community was followed by weeks of trying to support our staff through securing temporary unemployment benefits, and trying desperately to understand the path forward…and has now evolved into a hopeful plan. We’ve put in our application for Disaster Relief — please keep your prayers lifted and your yogi fingers and toes crossed that we can succeed in getting the financial help we need to stay strong for you! 


Speaking of reopening — there are still many questions left unanswered about the coronavirus, but we are using the data we CAN confirm to develop a tentative plan forward. We are so relieved to say we are crawling forward and out of our Emergency Closure Time, and can bring one of our staff-members back on.  Starting Monday, April 20th, they will start working on catching up on all the communications with you that we have missed out on during our Emergency Shut-down Month. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PATIENCE! We are so relieved to finally be able to be back in touch with you all, and will reach out to every single one of you who has sent us a question or concern, as quickly as possible. Because we don’t yet have an Disaster Relief funds, we are still very limited in our ability to bring staff back on the serve you, and we appreciate your patience as this one desk member takes on the job of an entire team and begins to get back to you all. We hope, depending upon Disaster Relief funding and support from our landlords, that we might be able (assuming state and federal regulations and guidance for fitness and massage therapy allow) to reopen May 15th, with a limited schedule of semi-private classes. Our first round of reopening will be for existing holders of Memberships and Class Pack only, to be followed by a more public “Grand Reopening” hopefully in July. When we will be following a set of specific protocols to support thorough sanitation and to allow us to follow social distancing guidelines - stay tuned, these will be announced much closer to reopening time.


For those of you who have questions about Classes and Massages that you had before our Emergency Closure time, we can confirm the following about EXTENSIONS:  any time you may have lost while we were closed will be added back on for the same amount of time we were closed, so you will not lose any time on any services that you paid for. So anything you had on March 16 will be good for whatever period of time was left, after we open.  And anything new that you paid for during our Emergency Closure Time will have full time after we open. We will be doing this change manually and it does not need to be applied for or requested, but we ask for your patience in implementing it, and your support if anything might have been missed or extended incorrectly. Each and every account, purchase and pricing option must be individually entered into and changed, so we ask for your patience in waiting for it to be done, and your help in resolving any confusion in it looks like it might not have been correctly done. Please give us until May 15th to update all accounts, and before calling and asking us about your specific account expiration date extensions.



Pauses & Cancellations can be done with many pricing options, and how you do it depends on what kind of contract or payment plan you are on - please find your type of Membership or Financed Payment Plan in our Reopening Questions below. Regarding Refunds, please keep in mind Membership Cancellation always requires a 31-day notice, so if you wished to cancel during the last month we were closed and could not reach us, you can simply submit your Cancellation form any time between now and June 15th, and there would be no further payments. The last payment you made during our Emergency Closure would still apply as the final payment you would have made had your 31-day required notice been submitted during our closure time. (But since Memberships don’t have any additional payments until late July/early August, if you still need to cancel, we suggest submitting your Cancellation Form with the final day of your Membership as the day before your next late July/early August payments, so you can enjoy using up your classes or massages between now and when your Cancelled Membership account is closed down.)  Download Pause & Cancellation forms from the footer of any page on our website, and email the forms to to initiate the process. Keep in mind that you must have your Pause or Cancellation form either signed by a staff member, or you must receive an email confirmation of receipt with a Staff Member’s name on it confirming receipt of the fully-completed form, as well as the accuracy of all dates that you submitted.


New to us & Wondering how to come in for a Massage or Class?

To set up a Deep Tissue or Spa Relaxation Massage, send an email to and when our desk staff has caught up on replying to existing inquiries, they will reach out to schedule you for an appointment for you some time after May 15th. If you are totally new to us and wishing to get started with classes, we look forward to welcoming you, please email and someone will reach out to you when we near our “Grand ReOpening,” date (TBD).


Thank you, stay safe, and we sincerely look forward to seeing you all soon!







Here are more details by payment type:

I have a VIP MASSAGE Membership

You will be given an amount of time equivalent to the time Massage Therapies were disallowed in our State to use the services you’ve already paid for, and the three-month typical expiration date for Membership Massages you held prior to our closure will also be extended from our Member Reopen date. So bottom line, you will still have the usual three months of time for all Massages on your account before Emergency Closure, as well as those that were processed during Emergency Closure, and no new payment will be taken out for any additional Massages until your usual time has passed for your to use what you already have. If you wish to either Pause subsequent (new) payments that would be incurred after that extended time period (July or August, depending upon your exact payment date), or if you wish to cancel any future additional payments, you can submit a Pause or Cancellation form at any time, and we will process that AFTER you have had your additional time to use your existing services, and before your next payment period would begin. As long as you submit a Cancellation before June 15th, your final payment made during our Emergency Closure Time would count as the final payment that is always required with a 31-day notice (so no refund can be made of services that are already paid for, and a Cancellation during our Emergency Closure would not have resulted in any fewer payments than have already been taken.)


I have a FreeUP! Class Membership (VIP Unlimited or Limited 4- or 8-classes a month):

First, keep in mind that you have May 15-July 15 to use everything you’ve paid for, before you enter a new payment period. So there is no need to Pause payments between May 15th and then unless you are traveling or injured or otherwise unable to use classes. 


You can fill out and submit a Pause Form any time up until 14 days before it’s start date. If your reasons for Pausing are only financial, we suggest you start using your classes up on May 15th and submit a Pause form after May 15 (when we have completed updating account extensions) and before July 1st, with a start date of the day your next future late July/early August payment is scheduled to come out. Keep in mind, if you DO pause your late July/early August month of Membership, you will NOT be able to actually take classes during the Pause, as a Pause is what is typically used when someone is injured, ill, or traveling. Keep in mind also that you must have your Pause or Cancellation form either signed by a staff member, or you must receive an email confirmation of receipt with a Staff Member’s name on it confirming receipt of the fully-completed form, as well as the accuracy of all dates that you submitted.

To CANCEL, do this:

You can fill out and submit a Cancellation Form any time between now and June 15th to avoid any further charges (and to give yourself the maximum amount to time to use the services you have already paid for). We suggest submitting your Cancellation Form with the final day of your contract as the day before your next late July/early August payments, so you can enjoy using up your classes between now and when your Cancelled Membership account is closed down. Keep in mind that you must have your Pause or Cancellation form either signed by a staff member, or you must receive an email confirmation of receipt of with a Staff Member’s name on it confirming receipt of the fully-completed form, as well as the accuracy of all dates that you submitted.


I have a JoinUP! Class Membership (VIP Unlimited or Limited 4- or 8-classes a month)


Same as Pause for FreeUP!, above. 

To CANCEL, do this:

If you already have, or are close to completing the 12 minimum required payments, you can simply submit and receive confirmation of receipt for a Cancellation form, as written up in “FreeUP!,” above. If you still have many months left to complete your minimum 12-month requirement, we suggest you submit a 2-12 week Pause form instead, to avoid early cancellation fees.


I have a “MONTHLY” Finance Plan for a 20-, 50- or 100-Class Pack.

Your payments would continue, but the expiration date of your Class Pack would be extended by 2 months. If you need financial relief, you can implement your complimentary 2-12 week Pause, during which time the “clock is stopped,” no payments are taken out, and no classes can be redeemed. Download and print out our Pause Form (14-days for the pause to begin), and then send it to when you are ready for us to call you and help you fill it out over the phone. Keep in mind that you must have your Pause form either signed by a staff member, or you must receive an email confirmation of receipt of with a Staff Member’s name on it confirming receipt of the fully-completed form, as well as the accuracy of all dates that you submitted.


I HAD A FIRST TIMER SPECIAL that I didn’t get to finish

If you had purchased a First-Timer Special, those will not be be reactivated until our Grand Reopening. Any time you had left on your First-Timer Special upon Emergency Closure Time will be reactivated and you can come back in as soon as we have our Grand Reopening. You will need to use either our website ( or MindBody’s generic IOS or Android app to view options and reserve your services. Email with further questions!


Sunday, March 29th UPDATE


We hope you and your loved ones are safe and well. All our staff remain home (and as far as we know, healthy) and the studio locked up as we wait to understand how to best support our staff and community’s health.  As you can imagine, our owner is working tirelessly with our landlords, our countless service providers, the Small Business Association, and the Department of Labor to explore every possibility to support our staff and to get our studio through this unexpected and crazy time. We are so grateful to those of you with the means who have supported us by making use of our Gift Shop...and of course we are most grateful to those of you who are working to maintain the health of our community members. We are keeping everyone who has already lost jobs or health in our daily prayers and intentions.  It is astounding how much every aspect of our business and personal lives are impacted.


As we hope most of you are aware, local government has extended closure of schools and “non-essential” business through early April. In keeping with local guidance, we have decided to remain closed through at least Wednesday, April 15th (which will be exactly one month) - at that point, we hope things will be in a better place, and that we will be able to make informed decisions about next steps.  MindBody (our registration and membership system) is working on a way to quickly and easily stop all Membership payments without having to go into everyone’s individual accounts, and that will be enacted beginning April 16th. So if you have either a Limited or an Unlimited Class Membership or a VIP Massage Membership, no further payments will be accepted beginning April 16th, and when we DO reopen and have staff available (either on the 16th or on some date after that), we will then manually go in to everyone’s account, and individually adjust each account to add an additional month of services without payment, to make up for the month paid but not used. 


Most of our staff (like so many of you!) is overwhelmed with kids, financial worries and loss of work, new #workfromhome and other family changes, and are just trying to make sense of news and  all these changes. But a  couple of our generous instructors with available time and some space at home have been so kind to volunteer to film classes,and have done their best to learn new technological skills to make them available to you. We also dug out a class or two we had filmed prior to closing. .Please check out the first couple of Online Classes here!.  Thank you to Heather Plumberg and the Instructors who have generously volunteered to put together some movement and #goodvibes for us all. 

We can’t wait to see you all in class and hope that you are all hanging in there ok. Stay safe!




Thursday March 19th:

We are temporarily closed for two weeks, and will reassess on March 29th.


Our staff are all home and offline, and our priority is making sure all our staff, community members, and clients  do all our parts to support healthcare workers and our most vulnerable community members by STAYING HOME.  When we reopen and have staff help available, we will respond to all individual questions, and prorate all Limited & Unlimited Memberships' future month payments by whatever amount of time we were closed for. We will also extend all Class Pack and Massage Therapy expiration dates by whatever time we were closed by.


Community members can support our business and our amazing staff and instructors by buying a gift certificate in our digital Gift Shop. Some Instructors have reached out and volunteered to try to put some classes up online from home, but are figuring out the technology. Please check here for updates and STAY SAFE!






Sunday March 15th UPDATE: 

COVID-19 is creeping closer to greater Columbus/Phenix City/Ft Benning each day (it is now within 60 miles in most directions), and may already be in our community.


New studies published today suggest it is considerably more likely than we originally understood that people without any symptoms can be carrying and spreading infection.


As such, we understand that even our well-thought-out preventative measures may not be enough to ensure that we would not inadvertently expose staff or clients to risk. With this new level of understanding, we believe that it is our absolute civic duty to close doors immediately, and are asking all staff to suspend operations, and for staff and clients to remain at home. This closure will remain in effect through Sunday March 29th, at which time we will assess and update our status based on the conditions in the region, state, and country.


We are in completely uncharted territory and have no answers yet about ANYTHING. Just like all of you, management has been 100% focused on determining best courses of action, and have been “on hold” waiting for answers, recommendations, tools, and support from so many of our partners, service providers, civic support organizations, and colleagues. And as of 3:00 pm Sunday, March 15th, all our staff are offline and at home, and all operations have been suspended.


With all staff offline, please bear with us, as we will not be able to answer your individual questions - please know communication will resume and be posted here as soon as we have answers about next steps and are able to get them up. In the meantime, please stay safe. Stay informed and strictly follow all recommendations provided by the CDC as well as our state and local emergency and health services. Thank you for your understanding, we can't wait to be back online to help all of us ride this tsunami of uncertainty!






Posted Friday, March 13th


Hello #UpFactoryFamily. As you already know, we take your health and wellness incredibly seriously!  We are absolutely committed to keeping the studio a place where you can come to connect safely with others, move, sweat, breathe (carefully!)…and stay healthy! 


In light of our new reality, we are affirming our already strong commitment to & investment in cleanliness…and strengthening our commitment to stay informed & follow public policy.


We have decided YES - we are continuing to offer services for now - though with many changes and added precautions! (Read below!) Staff are continuing to work only if they feel comfortable doing so. We are working to get as many of our offerings available digitally, as soon as possible.  And as long as we stay open, we are adapting - and hope you will too! - a handful of NEW NORMS into our culture!

  —>  No touch!

  —>  Social Distancing (capacities are reduced to promote this)

  —>  Wash Before & After! (props, equipment, floors, and especially our hands!)


As I’m sure you are too, we are monitoring and researching on an hourly basis, and are implementing a vast array of preventative measures to help reduce all our risks of exposure immediately. These may change at ay time - check back here at where changes to our policies will be posted.


We believe that staying active provides a needed balance to fear, anxiety, and eyes glued to a screen. We hope (now more than ever!) to provide incredibly valuable stress-management tools, boost immunity, and give us much-needed doses of positive endorphins. If you choose to come in, please support our commitment to Personal & Community Responsibility by adhering to our suggested practices before, during and after visiting us… and by refraining from visiting us if you experience ANY symptoms (or have contact with anyone else who does).


Please read below to review all our new procedures and FAQs, and if you feel comfortable with the measures we are putting in place, please join us to UP!-lift your heart - or your heart rate! – as we all navigate through this new and unfamiliar territory. Please know we are completely committed to staying vigilant and doing whatever we can to provide the best possible environment in our studio so you can practice and play with Peace of Mind. Please don’t hesitate to call or text with additional questions and concerns.


With best wishes for mindful Health & Hope!

    Erika and The UP! Factory Team


PS - Again, starting next week we will also begin making our classes available virtually to you and others at home…Please let us know if this would serve you, and stay tuned for more details! Turn your Notifications "ON" in your MindBody Account to receive updates about online classes available to you.


Questions & New Procedures


Why exercise now?  Is it safe to go to any gym or the studio? 

Our research shows that the studio does not seem to be any more risky than any other activity, and we are putting extraordinary measures in place to do our best to keep our doors open to serve you as long as it is deemed safe. 


Data shows that sweat does not transmit the virus and porous surfaces, such as wood floors and our fabrics, are not places where the virus can survive long. Never the less! – we will be taking extra precautions to clean and disinfect our surfaces between every class. We believe, as things currently stand, with added precautions and measures that we are taking, that we can provide a reasonably safe environment for all of us to continue to move and play with a level of risk acceptable to some, for now. 


Now more than ever, it is helpful to focus on managing anxiety, and on wellness. Movement, fitness, and yoga can help tremendously in improving overall wellbeing as well as immunity. As long as the space is safe and it does not increase your risk anymore than being out of your home in general, exercise and yoga can provide tremendous benefit at this time. Here is some more information about the relative safety/risk of gyms and how exercise may be helpful at this time: 



Whether you feel comfortable coming in to the studio or prefer working out from home we are committed to accommodating you either we because we believe it is so important at this time.   


What should I do to prep before coming to the studio, or bring with me?

  • We are reducing class capacities support 3-foot social distancing, so be sure to book your class well in advance!

  • Please bring your own mat and towels if available to you, and an extra face towel for hot yoga classes (so you can wipe your face with a towel instead of hands!). 

  • We encourage you to purchase your own mats, towels, and props - many are available at our Front Desk, and others are available at

  • For classes that require a mat for during-class or after-class stretching, you must rent or bring your own mat rather than stretching on the bare floor…you are welcome to bring your own mat to every class at the UPZone to use for stretching.


What new cleaning practices are being done in all your spaces? 

  • We are providing hand sanitizer spray or gel in all classrooms and foyers

  • We are wiping down any handheld devices you might need to use, between each use

  • We are wiping down all doorknobs and commonly-touched surfaces before, during, and after shifts. 

  • We are adding microbial disinfecting cleaning of all floors between each floor-based class


What’s different when I arrive? 

  • For the time being, we are removing our self check-in station and asking all community members to check in at the front desk or with your instructor. 

  • As the weather improves, please feel free to enjoy the outdoors on our benches as you wait for your class to begin! We promote social distancing as we wait, move in and out of class, and leave

  • Please wash your hands, use hand sanitizer or if neither is available you can use alcohol wipes or spray, before entering a class room and upon leaving class. We have designated a restroom to be used just for hand washing at the ZenSpot

  • We are NO TOUCH in our greetings for now! Instructors and staff have been advised to limit close physical contact with students, members, and each other. We will not be giving hugs, high fives, or handshakes during this time. A warm smile, a “Namaste” or kind words are the safest ways to positively connect!

  • We are making helpful supplies available at the Front Desk for a small fee (just to cover costs!), including disposable face masks, gloves, and alcohol wipes (for your phones and personal items)  

  • Our handy disinfecting UV Wand is available for free use in our Main Desk area for anyone who would like to further disinfect their own mat, or a rented mat

…At the ZenSpot:

  • Please wait for your class in the front foyer or as the weather improves, if you do not wish to be in an enclosed space, please feel free to enjoy the outdoors on our benches as you wait for your class to begin! 

  • Please allow the prior class to fully depart from the class room and for our staff to sanitize  the floor before proceeding straight back into the Hot Room. 

  • When entering the Hot Room, please try to bring the bulk of your belongings into the classroom and place them in the cubbies provided rather than leaving everything outside. 


Is there anything different about classes? 

In addition to reduced class capacity and requests to wash hands and disinfect props before and after each class, you can expect the following in specific types of classes:

All Yoga Classes

  • We are designing classes so that use of bolsters, blocks, eye pillows, straps and other props are completely optional, and providing alcohol spray for you to use on any items you wish to incorporate into your classes. You can also order your own props here:

  • Straps & eye-pillow covers need to go into the hamper after each use.  

  • We have lined all our bolsters (under the cloth covers) with plastic bags, and are giving you the option to also cover the outside of your bolster with a plastic bag if desired. Bring an extra towel to place under your face if desired.

  • Alcohol spray bottles are available in all classrooms for you to completely disinfect mats & equipment before & after each use. Saturate your mat from top to bottom at the beginning and at the end of each class!

  • As always, hands-on assists are optional, but in addition, we will provide stones to use to indicate in yoga classes whether or not you would like any hands-on assists. Some teachers are not going to be doing any hands on at this time, and they will let you know at the start of class. 

Hot Yoga Classes

  • In addition to waiting for the prior class to depart before moving back to the hot room, we would like to minimize use of the lobby outside the restrooms as this puts us in close proximity to each other…Please prepare for class in the front foyer and file right in, then place your belongings in the cubbies provided in the hot room, rather than leaving them all outside in the foyer.

  • Rent or bring more than one towel! We highly Recommend that you rent at least one but possible more towels at this time – one for your mat and a small one to wipe your face!  

Aerial Classes

  • Silks - All silks will be sprayed down with alcohol in between classes

  • Pole - we already use alcohol to wipe down the poles and will continue to do so. We are adding disinfecting of floors before pole classes where we might use the floor

  • Lyra - We will be spraying hoops with disinfectant in between classes 


What can I expect in Massage Therapy? 

  • We are providing Massage Therapy through Monday March 16th, and will then be temporarily providing very limited Massage therapy (Spa only), for two weeks.

  • When providing Massage Therapy sessions, our Therapists will be wearing N95 compliant face masks to reduce any breath-born pathogens, and will be thoroughly disinfecting their own hands and forearms between clients.

  • Our linen service already thoroughly cleans and disinfects our linens, and will continue to do so



Please don’t come if you are feeling sick or have been exposed to anyone else who may be sick! Again, We are completely committed to staying vigilant and doing whatever we can to provide the best possible environment in our studio so you can practice and play with Peace of Mind!


It IS Allergy Season as well…unfortunately, if anyone exhibits symptoms of any kind of respiratory symptoms, or mentions exposure to anyone who may have symptoms, they will be discreetly and promptly asked to leave the premises. We appreciate your understanding!

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