About Our Yoga Classes


Yoga is more than half of what we do at The UP! Factory.


We believe passionately in the many ways it can benefit people, from physical benefits like pain relief, better posture, balance improvement, and strength … to mental benefits like anxiety reduction, better sleep and sharper focus.


We love welcoming beginners and introducing them to the basics of yoga.

We also love providing awesome opportunities for existing yogis to dive deeper.

We take a plain-speak and safety-led approach to Yoga, blending classical yoga with the latest Western best practices from movement science, physical therapy, positive psychology and even trauma recovery.


Our Signature Classes


Choose from these four basic tiers,

 beginning with a more still, deep stretch & relaxation class...

all the way up to a fast-paced, athletic vinyasa flow.


Most Foundational Formats are offered 1-2 times per day, 7 days a week,

earliest classes at 5:45 AM, latest at 8:00 PM.


A completely ground-based class, warming movements prepare the body for deep stretch holds (3-5 minutes) with lots of props. A great class for anyone who wants to cultivate a mindful body connection, restore mobility, release pain, and prevent injury.  Also good for anyone needing serious stress relief, or nervous to try yoga! Offered lunch times and evenings, as either a  heated or non-heated class. 

YOGA for the REST OF US 

Specially designed for anyone with injuries or special needs, as well as Beginners, it covers a little bit of everything that most of us need:  grounding, breathing, safe warm-up, standing, balance & strength-building poses, deep stretch & relaxation. All the major body parts are hit. Great for newbies or anyone wanting to deepen their practice. A non-heated class available lunch times or evenings, and as a Special Workshop Series. 


Know the basic poses and ready to put them together?Or just ready to dive into a more active practice? Slow Flow is a nice balance between movement and mindfulness, with a healthy mix of strength building, challenge, focus, and release. This is our slower "vinyasa flow" blending gently-paced Sun Salutations with other sequences that leave you feeling worked, released, and "....ahhh!" Walk out feeling reset and ready for your week! Only offered as a hot class, Mondays-Fridays. 


Power Yogis, come sweat it out! This is a faster-flow vinyasa class, one breath, one movement, with lots of Down-dog, Chaturanga, Up-dog cycles. Enjoy some long holds and fun challenge poses in this intermediate class paced for those who already know how to practice more athletic yoga safely.  Offered lunch times, Saturday mornings,and most evenings. 



A wonderful way to discover the joys of yoga...with a little help from a soft fabric! Release tension, strengthen your core, and deeply stretch so many tight places in new ways. Enjoy the basic flow of a gentle yoga class and many of yoga's basic poses, but with the support of a hanging hammock. Indulge in deep relaxation in a hammock! Suitable for absolute beginners as well as experienced yogi, who might enjoy discovering foundational poses in totally unique ways. 


Let great music inspire you as you breathe deeply, tune into your senses, stretch and strengthen through this flowing yoga practice. This moving meditation simply allows you to move in more uniquely-feminine ways without fear of judgement. Kick-start your fitness, raise your confidence, and get the swing back in your hips. For all body types and levels of fitness - especially if you don't feel sexy or good in your body! Leave your fears and judgments outside the door and try this modern spin on traditional yoga.  


 Weekly Yoga Schedule 

You must register no less than 1 hour before the start of your class. 

See full reservation and cancellation policy here.

Coming to a Hot Class? A mat, a towel, and water are required.

(All are available for rent or purchase on site!)



Coming Soon!


Before you take a Hot Class Please Read!

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