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Pole fitness helps create body awareness, and is one of THE BEST tools for building upper body and core strength. You may surprise yourself with what you discover you can do with a bit of practice! 

In this class, you will be stretching your creativity and attention to details while learning a short routine. We will work on lines, extensions, shape exploration, and story-telling and come away with a piece designed to inspire. This class is based on the low flow category of competitive pole dancing and is an all levels class. Low flow routines explore dance around the pole and on the floor, without the aerial element. So no prior pole knowledge is required! This is an all levels class, so experienced to brand new, all are welcome. The dancer can be sensual or sexy, contemporary and lyrical, or some mix of many styles; so your piece can be uniquely you!


**Leggings, socks, and knee pads HIGHLY recommended

Low Flow


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