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Aerial Classes for All

The artistry of Aerial fabrics, the empowerment of Pole fitness, the grace of our Aerial Hoop apparatus and the flow of our Aerial Hammock; we've got something for EVERYONE!

Big or small, young or old, expert or beginner, everyone is welcome to try our Aerial Classes!

Have questions about our Aerials Arts classes and workshops? Please call our front desk!

Silks & Hammock

Originating in circus traditions, aerial silks today are a popular modern medium for graceful self-expression...and an incredibly motivating tool to help yourself toward greater strength, flexibility, and courage. A quick favorite of those who may have already enjoyed dance, gymnastics, or cheerleading, Aerial Silks is also just as popular among middle aged or less-active folks who feel daring enough to try something new, and who surprise themselves with what they become capable of.

Lyra Hoop

Aerial Hoop (pronounced leer-ra) challenges us to develop strength, stamina, flexibility and grace. Learn basic how to get up into the Lyra and enjoy some fun and graceful sitting positions with Introduction to Lyra. If you like that class, you can take it again to build strength and mastery, or progress to Level 1 for fun beginner tricks and transitions.

Pole Fitness

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